Jens Fink-Jensen

7,000 km along the
West Coast of Europe

In autumn 2003 Jens Fink-Jensen travelled all the way from the northernmost point of Denmark's Jutland peninsular along the 10,000 kilometres long west coast of continental Europe to Gibraltar; a trip of more than 7,000 kilometres.

The book based on the journey, presenting the cultural differences and similarities of this mutual westcoast of Europe are available in English and Danish editions.

After the first display at the Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg (Denmark) from 31 October 2008 to 17 April 2009, the West Coast of Europe exhibition has been on display in the historic setting of the Fort des Dunes, just north of Dunkerque (France), at the Maritime Museum Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and at the Musée portuaire in Dunkerque (France).

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by Jens Fink-Jensen

Prior to the West Coast of Europe exhibition, Jens Fink-Jensen has made other photo exhibitions, shown in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Among them are:
Images of Beijing, with portraits of people and places in the Chinese capital, distributed by Amnesty International.
Ships of the South, showing mostly small fishing-boats and related people and sorroundings by the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Coast of Europe and Morrocco.

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Jens Fink-Jensen

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Poems and paintings

Polish painter Kasia Banas has in 2012 produced paintings inspired by Jens Fink-Jensen´s poetry.

Kasia Banas and Jens Fink-Jensen, Galeria Miejska, Wrocław, Poland, 10 May 2012, Photo: Marek Koprowski (Galeria Miejska)

Kasia has even translated the poems into Polish. From 4 May to 2 June 2012, an exhibition including some of the paintings opened in Porto, Portugal, was on display at Olga Santos Gallery.

On 10 May the major exhibition related to the new project opened at Galeria Miejska in Kasia´s hometown, Wrocław with Kasia´s paintings and the poems in Polish translation. On 22 October, the exhibition opened in the Polish capital, Warsaw. Jens Fink-Jensen attended both occasions, reading a selection of his poems in Danish.

The project is realized in cooperation with the Danish Cultural Institute in Warsaw and under the auspicies of the Royal Danish Consulate in Wrocław.

Polish painter Kasia Banas at the Brick Lane Gallery, London, 2008.In 2007, Kasia launched a similar project with paintings inspired by poems of Danish poet Henrik Nordbrandt.

Kasia Banas

Kasia Banas was born in Poland i 1973, studied painting, graphic art and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław from where she graduated in 1997. She works with painting and graphic design and has had one-person exhibitions all over Europe. See more at Kasia Banas´ website.

Poetry anthology in Danish and Polish

In august 2012, a collection of 28 poems by Jens Fink-Jensen, in Danish and in Polish translation, was published in Poland.

The anthology is edited by Jósef Jarosz, who is a professor in Germanic languages at the University of Wrocław.

Besides by Jósef Jarosz himself, the poems are translated by Kasia Banas and students at the university.

Poems in translation by Sheema Kalbasi

Sheema Kalbasi is a poet and human rights activist, born in Iran and now living in the US. Sheema is translating poems by Jens Fink-Jensen for publication in the States.

Read one of the translations on The Other Voices International Project.

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Jens Fink-Jensen

is a Danish poet, author, photographer, composer and architect. Born and living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jens Fink-Jensen has published collections of poetry, short-stories and children's and travel books.

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Jens Fink-Jensen

Now you can watch a series of rare video recordings from some of Jens Fink-Jensen's multimedia performances, concerts and other events.
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Jens Fink-Jensen
in Chinese

The Forbidden City, Beijing. Photo: Jens Fink-Jensen

Kinesisk morgen
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Children's books
by Jens Fink-Jensen

Illustration by Mads Stage from Jens Fink-Jensen´s children´s book "Jonas and the Conch Shell".

Jens Fink-Jensen has published the three children´s books Jonas og konkylien (Jonas and the Conch Shell), Jonas og himmelteltet (Jonas and the Sky Tent) and Jonas og engletrćet (Jonas and the Angel Tree).

All three of them are illustrated by the world famous Danish artist Mads Stage (1922-2004).

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