Jens Fink-Jensen: The West Coast of Europe
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West Coast of Europe

- a photographic journey
from Skagen to Gibraltar

On this website you will find an increasing amount of information about the project - the book and exhibition, the maritime museums and other places of interest along the West Coast of Europe.

The exhibition on display in Esbjerg, Dunkerque and Rotterdam

After the first display at the Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg, Denmark (31 October 2008 to 17 April 2009), the West Coast of Europe exhibition was on display in Dunkerque, France, from 3 June to 30 August 2009 in the historic setting of the Fort des Dunes, 6 kms north of the town.

In 2010 the exhibition was on display from 5 February to 18 April at the Musée portuaire in Dunkerque, France and at the Maritime Museum Rotterdam (the Netherlands) from 13 February to 10 October.

See the nice presentation in French of the West Coast of Europe exhibition in the web magazine

The West Coast of Europe project

For the first time the West Coast of Europe is depicted as a whole in a book and in an exhibition.

In autumn 2003 Jens Fink-Jensen travelled all the way from the northernmost point of Denmark's Jutland peninsular along the about 10,000 km long west coast of continental Europe to Gibraltar; a trip of more than 7,000 kilometres. The original travel was partly sponsored by the Margot og Thorvald Dreyer Foundation.

The exhibition is based on the journey, presenting the cultural differences and similarities of this mutual westcoast of Europe.

Links to radio and TV interviews

On 3 to 4 November 2008 Jens Fink-Jensen went on a promotion tour to the Jutland peninsular from Esbjerg in the south to Aalborg in the north giving radio and TV interviews about "The West Coast of Europe" book and exhibition. Below you'll find links to some radio and TV interviews (all in Danish):

RADIO INTERVIEW: Jens Fink-Jensen interviewed
3 November 2008 by Stine Mie Kristiansen. Broadcast on national radio channel DR P1 and P2 on 3 December 2008. Includes poetry reading and music composed by
Jens Fink-Jensen.
Listen here (DR website)

TV INTERVIEW: Jens Fink-Jensen live interviewed
4 November 2008 by Flemming Retbøll at regional TV channel TV2/Nord.
View here (TV2 website)

RADIO INTERVIEW: Jens Fink-Jensen interviewed by Pia Reesen Brønnum and broadcast by Radio Mølleå (based in Lyngby, north of Copenhagen) on 21 and 28 December 2009.
Listen here (mp3, 27:24 min.)

The book

The book is available in a Danish and an English edition.

English edition: "The West Coast of Europe"
Danish edition: "Europas vestkyst"

See a 3 minute video presentation:

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Large size - 800x600 pixels (9,5 MB)

The countries along the coast from Skagen to Gibraltar

Denmark - Danmark
Europas vestkyst
- en fotorejse fra Skagen til Gibraltar
Germany - Deutschland
Die Westküste Europas
- eine Fotoreise von Skagen bis Gibraltar
Netherlands - Nederland
Europa's westkust
- een fotoreis van Skagen tot Gibraltar
Belgium - België, Belgique, Belgien
France - France
La côte ouest de l'Europe
- un voyage photographique de Skagen à Gibraltar
Spain - España
La costa del oeste de Europa
- un viaje fotográfico de Skagen a Gibraltar
Portugal - Portugal
A Costa oeste da Europa
- uma viagem fotográfica de Skagen a Gibraltar
Gibraltar (UK)
The West Coast of Europe
- a photo journey from Skagen to Gibraltar

Jens Fink-Jensen
Maritime museums

Visit the websites of some of the most important maritime museums along the West Coast of Europe from Skagen to Gibraltar here.

The D-day Coast
and other places

Visit the websites of some of the many interesting places along the West Coast of Europe from Skagen to Gibraltar here.

Lighthouses along the West Coast of Europe

Find information about the lighthouses along the West Coast of Europe:
Lighthouses of Europe

The author

Jens Fink-Jensen is a Danish poet, author, photographer, composer and architect. Born and living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Read introduction in English.

Read introductions to the author in more than 30 languages here.

Jens Fink-Jensen

Please feel free to send an e-mail with your questions or comments.

Photography by
Jens Fink-Jensen

Prior to the West Coast of Europe exhibition, Jens Fink-Jensen has made other photo exhibitions, shown in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Among them are:
Images of Beijing, with portraits of people and places in the Chinese capital, distributed by Amnesty International.
Ships of the South, showing mostly small fishing-boats and related people and sorroundings by the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Coast of Europe and Morrocco.

See some of the photos.