The West Coast of Europe
- the exhibition


The west coast of Europe from Skagen to Gibraltar offers a sublime natural environment and a varied culture: the coastline of dunes, beaches and cliffs, but also of dykes, floodgates, lagoons and headlands. The coast is sprinkled with a history which has left numerous traces. It is also the coast of wars, emigrants, fishermen, whalers, salt collectors, pirates and explorers. Most recently, and to a high degree, it has become the coast of tourists and – especially in the south – sunbathers and swimmers. 

This journey commences at Grenen, the outermost point of the spit Skagens Odde – the northernmost tip of Jutland – and the journey concludes in Gibraltar, which stands where the Mediterranean Sea begins. Gibraltar’s outermost point is called – most appropriately – Punta de Europa.

The exhibition is a collection of moments along the west coast of Europe. Depending on the mood of the weather, the changing light during the day, and whatever happened to pop up more or less by chance along the way, Jens Fink-Jensen’s camera has captured a range of places and situations – instantaneous shots – which together provide a complete indication of the nature of Europe’s west coast.

Exhibition materials and ordering

Materials include:

> Set of DVD’s containing 180 photographs in high resolution, 300 dpi, A4 oversize, suitable for large plots.
> Large high resolution map of Europe with all locations from the exhibition marked.
> Texts in English.
> CD containing PC based slide show with ocean sounds and original music composed by Jens Fink-Jensen.


Jens Fink-Jensen