From Jens Fink-Jensen: Jonas og himmelteltet (1998)

Dansk  Norsk

Jonas and the Sky Tent


One summer morning Jonas is awakened by the sound of a tractor which slowly drives by outside. Perhaps it is the farmer going out to his fields, he thinks. But the sound is somewhat different.
   Jonas stays in bed for a while longer, blinking his eyes. He has dreamt about the day he threw his conch shell back into the ocean while he sat on his fatherís shoulders.



By now it is already very warm in his room. The morning sun casts beams of sunlight through a crack in the curtains so that all the toy cars on the shelves make shadows on the wall. A poster hangs over the shelves. Jonas got it from a clown who handed them out in town. Outside there is a constant, loud rumble and rattle.
   Jonas is wide awake now. He can hear that there isnít just one tractor, but many.
   With one jump he is up and looks out the window



Jonas can see how one tractor with a caravan after another drives up the small slope to the field.
   SOMMERíS TIVOLI it says on the caravans. Some of them look like little houses on wheels. Others have no windows, so that one can only guess whatís inside.
   In an instant, Jonas is dressed. Jonasí mother and father are sitting in the bedroom with Jonasí little sister Astrid between them. Jonas is allowed to go out and look at the strange parade and he gets his weekly allowance; a brand new, sparkling dollar coin





The field of grain is unrecognisable. The farmer has harvested and the grain and the bales of straw have been driven to the farm. Now only the stubs remain.
   A man with a megaphone walks around and guides the last caravans into place. Soon it all looks more like a busy little town than the peaceful field Jonas knows.





Right around the place where Jonas used to have his secret island in the field is a yellow caravan, its door wide open.
   Behind the yellow caravan he sees a giant tent which almost blends in with the sky.
   Streamers in many different colors appear to almost float over the tent.





A man with a high hat stands in front of the yellow caravan and yells: ďStella will show you the path to the future; only one dollar!Ē
   This makes Jonas so curious, that he, without even thinking, hands over his coin to the man. He straightens out his hair with his fingers while he slowly walks up the steps.

   At first the caravan is completely dark inside. Then he notices a figure behind a table

... this is how Jonas and the Sky Tent begins. The book has till now been published in Danish only.

Translated by Anne-Mette Damon. (Danish: Jonas og himmelteltet).
Illustrations by Mads Stage.

Jonas and the Sky Tent is the independent sequel of Jonas and the Conch Shell.